Kitchen is the new standard bearer

The kitchen has traditionally been the most lived stay in the house When it’s well designed it can elevate the entire look and feel of a property, both in terms of appearance and in terms of functionality. Alfred Hitchcock said, “Happiness is a small home with a big kitchen.” Well, there’s no arguing with that, […]


What is the role of architecture and design in our daily life?

The architectural design of any structure depends on the location and the purpose where it is built. Design and Architecture, when integrated with Engineering gives birth to a masterpiece that makes you admire it awfully. Flashback in the mid-late 19th century, starting from the Victorian architecture to the modernist forms, the design has always set […]


Why do you Need Interior Designers for your home construction?

Why do you need interior designers and decorators for your home in Bhopal? Bhopal is a tier-2 city and the residents believe interior designers are expensive and unnecessary. As times change, more and more people are moving into tier-2 cities. The result is smaller home construction projects and people without interior design skills will not be […]


Green Architecture: A Concept of Sustainability

The construction industry is an integral part of our national economy. As shelter is one of the basic requirements of our life and to fulfil, the need for shelter, there is a need to do construction. But unluckily, construction is considered as one of the main sources of environmental pollution in the world. It has […]


Why use Reels Ads? A Step by Step Guide to Set up a Reel

“Taking advantage of new and innovative formats like Reels ads is a top priority for our clients, so we’re excited about this new opportunity for brands to reach potential customers.” – Amanda Grant, Global Head of Social Media, GroupM Reels Ads is a perfect place on Instagram to grow businesses and increase the visibility of […]


What Marketing strategy should the restaurants adapt to overcome the loss during this Pandemic?

This blog presents strategies and tips for restaurants and hotels to cope-up with the loss of Pandemic, and generate passive revenue with them. With the onset of the Pandemic, the hospitality industry hit hard. Research says that after agriculture sector, Hospitality has highly affected and it has employs the maximum no. of people. Here are […]


How to measure #Instagram #Hashtag Performance?

Every Digital marketer is worried about Social Media followers, reach and page engagement. Usually, we type hashtags for (topic) in google and do copy-paste the hashtags in the post and wait for insights. isn’t it? Maximum people do the same but didn’t get the reach. Right? How to check the Instagram Hashtag Performance before put […]


Design Brix evinces the Blog writing competition at National Level

Design Brix presents the Blog Writing Competition at National Level. We would like to connect with passionate creative writers. We are conducting a writing competition that is open for all construction field related students of the colleges and industry professionals. We are ecstatic to announce that we offer prizes worth INR 2000 and Best blogs/ […]


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